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    Buxville provides many perks in addition to the vanilla Minecraft system. These perks are obtained through roles which can be learned by talking to the corresponding NPC. Every role has a spawn egg associated to it and you can upgrade your 'role rank' by collecting the required spawn egg type (see list below).

    You can have a maximum of 5 roles to start off with and will gain the ability to learn one extra as you reach Rank five any of your current roles. This means that you'll have the ability to learn all of the roles, but keep in mind that this is a huge undertaking and will likely take you a fair amount of time.

    List of available roles(top)

    These are 17 main roles and their associated spawn egg type (click the name to get more info on that role):
    1. Alchemy (Pigman eggs)
    2. Banking (Cow eggs)
    3. Combat (Skeleton eggs)
    4. Construction (Slime eggs)
    5. Control (MagmaCube eggs)
    6. Demolition (Creeper Eggs)
    7. Gaming (Silverfish eggs)
    8. Gathering (Enderman eggs)
    9. Husbandry (Mooshroom eggs)
    10. Mechanics (Zombie eggs)
    11. Mysticism (Spider eggs)
    12. Omerta (Chicken eggs)
    13. Shopkeeping (Sheep eggs)
    14. Storage (Blaze eggs)
    15. Trading (Wolf eggs)
    16. Travel (Pig eggs)
    17. Zoning (Ocelot eggs)
    And there is one supportive role:
    1. Donor status

    How to get a (new) role(top)

    To get a new role you'll need to have 1000bux (use the /money command to see your current amount of money). If you have this then you can then talk to the corresponding NPC in Bux City (see the individual role pages for its exact location) by "hitting" them (right clicking) while holding a book. If you do this for the first time you'll get a message saying that you've been assigned a new quest (where the quest is to acquire the role). Follow up with the command: /quest accept to accept (start) the quest and after doing so hit the NPC again. That will finish the quest and you'll have obtained your new role.

    Resetting a role(top)

    If you picked a role but decided that you no longer want to keep it then you can have it removed. This is done by talking to the NPC Ted Reset. You'll find him in Bux City at coordinates -24, 73, 10. From spawn you walk under the arch (head south) and take the first right to Diamond lane. You'll find him standing on the bridge.

    You can use Ted in the same way as any other NPC: hit him with the book and then follow the given instructions (you will see an overview of roles and can then decide to drop one). Dropping a role will refund you 900bux, so always chose carefully when taking on a new role as it will cost you 100bux if you decide later that you're not going to keep it.

    Warning: If you drop a role and try to take it again at a later time then there is a possibility that this won't work right away (the NPC won't talk to you). If that happens then you should open an admin ticket to request that an admin re-enables the role for you (be sure to mention what role you're trying to re-take).

    Upgrading a role (to rank 2 or 3 (R2 or R3))(top)

    You can reach level 2 or 3 in any role in the same way as you got that role for the first time. The main difference is that instead of needing 1000bux you will now need to have the required amount of spawn eggs in your inventory (see the individual role wiki page to find out which spawn egg and which amounts you need).

    Upgrading a role to R4+(top)

    Once you've reached level 3 the procedure to rank up become quite different. Most roles will require an additional fee to reach level 4 and 5 (see the associated wiki page). For example: Storage requires additional ender chests, Demolition requires a certain amount of completed Reclaims, Control requires villager eggs, and so on. To upgrade such a role be sure to maintain a rank-up thread in the Rank-up forum as well as an optionally required thread based on your role (see the achievement tracking forum for that).

    Upgrading, provided you have satisfied the requirements, is then done by opening a so called admin ticket. You will need to place a "rank-up chest" first at the same location where you'll create the ticket. This is a regular chest in which you place the required spawn eggs as well as any additional fees.

    This "rank up location" can be anywhere you like. From your house in the main world or a town right down to locations on donor Islands or Donor Worlds.

    Warning: Be sure to lock your rank up chest (use the /cprivate or /lock command) to prevent other players from (accidently) taking things out of the chest. It also helps to place a sign on (or near) it where you make it absolutely clear that only admins are to open this chest. Keep in mind that it can take a few days before an admin will have the time to work on your ticket, so stay safe and be patient.

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