1. Welcome current or future Buxie!

    As we're approaching full content update, we have to bring forums down for uncertain time, to clear out some of the old forum addons, as well as to upgrade several sections, roles and to link it up with the system in place.
    To avoid problems in the meantime, we have to perform a full backup, but to keep that backup safe, and not endanger your accounts and data, you won't be able to see or perform any actions on the forums for some time. You will most likely see that you don't have permissions, which is expected, but don't worry. You will have the same permissions once we get back, if not more.
    Sorry once again, but team has decided this is the best course of action for now, as it will be a lot easier to switch and link your donations, wiki info and other data while you're not poking around. :)

    This should take two to three weeks, as we have a bit busier schedule.

    See ya then! :)

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