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  1. Sonytor
    Good evening
  2. RaNdOmCoW26
  3. Xslare
    Awkwardly touched both JenovaS and Guru. Funny how people don't find anything you do weird if you're a degenerate.
  4. Mumnut
    Mumnut Sandmaster
    Maybe I'm too much of a pain in the ass
  5. Mumnut
    Mumnut Sandmaster
    it's November 4, and server is down. Swapping over? eta when back up?
    1. Sandmaster
      It is up now.
      4. Nov 2016.
  6. LadyGenie
    Cant wait to see what the new land of this bux will have in store for me. :)
  7. Strata_
  8. KKGosine301
  9. DLmass
  10. NaptownMVP
    NaptownMVP Alcmene
    Did you change your name?
  11. Mj19959595
    Excited for the summer!
  12. DwarfaSaurus
  13. Over9000GTX
  14. LetsGoRidePandas
  15. noasuzanne
    Let's play Buxville!
  16. HansDieMütze
    HansDieMütze Joy
    Is it possible to delete my buxville account?
  17. LadyGenie
    I no longer check my pms. bye \o
  18. LBoss9001
    LBoss9001 Sandmaster
    Happy Birthday Mr. Sandy <3
    1. Sandmaster likes this.
    2. Sandmaster
      Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)
      7. Jan 2016.
  19. LetsGoRidePandas
    Still patiently waiting....
  20. hugsssss