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Buxville has many perks in addition to the vanilla system. These perks are obtained through many roles.

You may have 5 roles to start off with, gaining the ability to learn another as you reach Rank Five in each. This, therefore, means that you have the ability to learn all of the roles - however this is a huge undertaking, and will likely take a fair amount of time.

There are 17 main roles:
  1. Alchemy (Pigman eggs)
  2. Banking (Cow eggs)
  3. Combat (Skeleton eggs)
  4. Construction (Slime eggs)
  5. Control (MagmaCube eggs)
  6. Demolition (Creeper Eggs)
  7. Gaming (Silverfish eggs)
  8. Gathering (Enderman eggs)
  9. Husbandry (Mooshroom eggs)
  10. Mechanics (Zombie eggs)
  11. Mysticism (Spider eggs)
  12. Omerta (Chicken eggs)
  13. Shopkeeping (Sheep eggs)
  14. Storage (Blaze eggs)
  15. Trading (Wolf eggs)
  16. Travel (Pig eggs)
  17. Zoning (Ocelot eggs)
There are 2 supportive roles:
  1. Teaching (CaveSpider eggs)
  2. Donor status
Jan 9, 2013

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