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Poll to determine the Arena Contest winner!

Discussion in 'News Articles' started by Joy, Feb 20, 2013.


Which Arena do you think is best?

Poll closed Feb 27, 2013.
Arena 1 - Orlynao 28 vote(s) 25.5%
Arena 2 - Raven0 68 vote(s) 61.8%
Arena 3 - lil_burn 19 vote(s) 17.3%
Arena 4 - trenquils 10 vote(s) 9.1%
Arena 5 - Maffew 34 vote(s) 30.9%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Joy

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    The deadline has closed, and we have 5 entries for the Arena design contest!

    (see: http://www.buxville.net/xf/threads/contest-design-and-build-a-mob-arena.28249/)

    There is now a new platform created next to the Wizard tower in Bux. You can port to the 5 entries and take a look.

    You may vote on multiple Arenas, if you strongly prefer 1 of them, it would make sense to only vote for that one, if you are in doubt, then vote on multiple Arenas. Admins can vote as well of course, but we'll also do an inspection ourselves, and combine that, with the results of this poll, into a final result.

    The plan is to import the top 3 Arenas into the Arena World, where I will install them for actual use in Mob Arena!
  2. Maffew
    World Donor

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    For the benifit of people:
    Arena 1:

    Arena 2:

    Arena 3:

    Arena 4:

    Arena 5:

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  3. AuraVoid
    World Donor

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    I think its worth saying well done to everyone who entered their arena into the contest. It's obvious from going around all of them that the creators have put tons of effort into the arenas.

    Honestly, doesn't really matter who wins since we will be sick of the played arenas in a few weeks ;)

    They all look fabulous :LOL:
  4. Simnos
    Isle Donor

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    Is it at all possible to have the arena have a moving circuit so it changes location every week? I'm just thinking since all the entries are such high quality it could be kinda fun, and they're all already set up.
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  5. friendfreak

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    yes, but it should have to pass some guidelines like:
    -are the ascetics good?
    -is the map area balanced? (no camping spots)
    -is it original?
    these should be followed for an arena if we're going to do that.
  6. Simnos
    Isle Donor

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    Agreed - It has to have met a bunch of criteria and be approved by the community.
  7. shifty_lorax Hello friends! A guinea pig tricked me!

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    I second Simnos - those are all way too good to not ever be used. I can't believe the effort you all put into building these (Exodus' not quite complete entry included).
  8. Joy

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    +2,011 / 101 / -28
    The winners of this contest are now known!

    1: Raven
    2: Maffew
    3: Orlynao

    Congrats winners :)

    You can ticket to get your rewards, please make sure you have inventory room, easier for us to send the Eggs, then creating a chest with 'em.

    I will be installing #1 most likely this Tuesday. I do plan to at least install the Top 3, and make them available in some sort of rotation for MA :)
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  9. ostPavel

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    I hope lil_burn's arena will be featured one day, too! \o/
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  10. Victnes

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    Please tell me how to give a rating so i can give that guy above a big fat like :D
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