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Now live, Bux 3.0!

Discussion in 'News Articles' started by Joy, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Joy

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    If you haven't been following the news, you may have missed it, but for the first time in Buxville's history (nearly 2 years now), we have gone for a full wipe and revamp!

    Gone is the majestic (but now copied by many) Caste system, replaced with a more flexible and powerful new system: Roles! (wiki: http://www.buxville.net/xf/wiki/Roles/). Ultimately, you will be able to reach Lvl 5 in ALL of the 18 Roles, but that will be a long and challenging road!

    A lot of the information on our forum and wiki will need to be changed over the coming days/weeks. I have been working hard on getting ready for the launch, documentation has fallen behind ;)

    All Worlds, Isles, Ranks, Accounts, everything was wiped, so this is the ideal chance for you to make a fresh start. The entire Lux system is gone, most of its perks are now integrated with the Roles. Donations have, obviously, not been wiped, and Donor perks are mostly unchanged, new is: Animated Hats, Isles at 30+ (replacing Vaults), and Flight as ultimate Donor perk. Note for Isle Donors, you can use /exit to warp from your Isle back to Bux (does cost Redstone).

    To (re)start on Buxville:

    1) Login MC, IP: buxville.net
    2) You spawn in the tutorial, simply follow the instructions to the end.
    3) End of the tutorial has a warp to, desolate, Bux City (Even Bux itself has been wiped, and will be slowly building a brand new Town).
    4) Before being able to choose your first (free) Role, you should use the /randomtp command to find yourself a location on the main map to start.
    5) When you have found a place, you can use /sethome to set your Home, and /spawn to warp back to Bux City.
    6) After you have set your Home, two things will unlock: /ether for Mining, and you can now use one of the NPCs in Bux City to choose your first Role.
    7) There is no method to gain Ether yet, so for now, everyone has access to the /rspawn command in Ether, sending you to a random spot in the Ether.
    8) Now it's all up to you!

    For more info, just keep an eye on the news feed on Twitter and of course our forums: http://www.buxville.net/xf/

    See you in-game,
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  2. Rupy098

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    :D it is so much fun but the queue takes forever :p 50/50
    Definitely going to be donating soon
  3. Nicodemux
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    Is there a possibility that somewhere down the line, the default limit of 120 players online can be raised a bit? Obviously no one wants to see the server get bogged down in significant lag, but it would be awesome if the server could allow more people to experience the new Buxville. It's so great!
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  4. Tharky
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    So since our donations didn't go away, people who donated more than 30 will get an island? That is amazing news! :) Though it still says Vault Donor on the forums.
  5. Ken_McG The AI

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    So will vaults be going away then?
  6. RoofToilet1107

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    Isn't the max 200 for the server? And by that logic shouldn't the queue cap be 200 too?

    *DISCLAIMER* I do not in any shape or form mean to insult Joy's logic and reasoning by this comment.
  7. jandemaffe

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    no, this all depends on lag, the hard cap has nothin to do on lag, so there is a sperate cap to keep lag down.
  8. WadeTheBuilder

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    Im going to donate soon too, just simply to pass the queue ;o

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