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Bux now on MC 1.4!

Discussion in 'News Articles' started by Joy, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Joy

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    I had time available today to update us to 1.4, so we have some fun new toys to play with ;)

    - Anvils are disabled (we've discussed this and currently there's sadly no way to balance these, even as high-end feature)
    - Item Frames are available for all as vanilla feature, Show cases are still different and possibly better, and thus remain a Shopkeeping perk for now.
    - New crops will also need light to grow as the older crops do.
    - Baked potatoes will have a use for Husbandry pets (coming soon).
    - Wither spawning should work correctly in those areas that allow mob spawning.
    - Invis potions work, but if you move/rotate, the Invis effect is removed. Omera Lvl 4 can move while staying invisible in Ether and Islands (still not in Nether).

    I think that's about it for now, the Pets feature for Husbandry should be coming alive soon, hopefully today. Combat's compass tracking should be back this week hopefully.

    I am still moving, so yes, there's still many things that need work for Bux 3.0, such as reclaiming/prots, am doing my best, hopefully 1.4 is stable at least!

    Last but not least, with some luck we should have less issues with map-saving spikes now, lemme know how it goes :)
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  2. xSibous

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    hi, i am having troubles joining the server. i cant find the link where i post my thread ( IGN name) can you provide a link? thanks
  3. bergkampclec
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    It's the big tab above you that says "Join!"
  4. Humberto1994S

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    HEY, i use to play in buxville server until it was restarted again. Now that i would love to join again i cant and i also tried to go to join but it says its blocked. could you help me plz?
  5. Yix

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  6. swaze
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  7. LetsGoRidePandas
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    anything disabled/enabled/nerfed/buffed for 1.4.6 that we should know?

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