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Nov 23, 2014 at 10:33 PM
Aug 26, 2005
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, Male, from Buxville

Sup? Mar 24, 2012

Joy was last seen:
Nov 23, 2014 at 10:33 PM
    1. ShelLuser
      I hope you enjoy your (well deserved) vacation! :-)
    2. llcyanidell
      Hi Joy, I was wondering if i could get unbanned, but I'm not sure if the thread I posted was overlooked or not, if you have the chance could you give it a look? Thanks :P
    3. sebas2023
      Please unban me im waiting for 10 months atleast :-( and i would really like to play again !
    4. sebas2023
      Could you please take a look at my appeal Joy?

      I've waited a long time !
    5. doomz
      HEY, JOY???
    6. doomz
      hello.. can you accept me, please? i posted reply to minecraftserver
    7. sebbo51
      Hey Joy I have been banned and apologized, but seems my thread has been overlooked
    8. name(guest19782254
      can i be on the whitelist? my name is guest19782254 i might vote
    9. n17337
      PS: i didn't know how to poke you: I shared a IP with my friend who Fly Hacked and i got banned because i was playing at his house and you said un-banned and all of us where unbanned exept me! If you could check this out the ban was Fly Hacking On Yodles15 and all you have to do to find it is type n17337 in the search bar when you are on the home screen of buxville THANKS!!!!!
    10. BlockCat
      Hey! How are you today?
    11. Kesha345
      my MC username is kesha345 can u whitelist me plz? Imma vote
    12. flare8970
      and my username was flare8970
    13. flare8970
      hey i didn't attach my MC username to my donation and the number in it was 32J34659BA835190W.
    14. friendfreak
      hey joy are you able to reimburse eggs that you've lost? i won an auction but they dropped into the sea :l
    15. MrBon
      Is it possible to delete someones profile and reimburse them of their cash and eggs for the roles they will lose?
    16. Curious_Toad
      Hey Joy I have been banned and apologized, but seems my thread has been overlooked could you check it please /xf/forums/banned-players.64/
    17. mitchell
      i created a ban appeal but i don't know how to poke you....'Poke'
    18. Martialsage
      This new bux is incredible. The new stuff you've added is amazing. I don't have a ton of time to play these days but I can't wait to get back into it!
    19. GKBeardsley
      Hi joy, I voted and when i was sitting waiting for it my brother wanted me to join the MA, so i did and the egg came to me in the MA and i didnt get to keep it. Is there any way i could get the egg back?
    20. omgitsdatfoo
      Am I ever gonna get unbanned??
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